July 5 2016 Aurora Colony Vineyards

Photos by Shana Hildreth.  Thank you Mike for arranging photos and Shana for doing a superb job.

Front Row Seated Left to Right: Mikki Steele, Suzanne Short, Brad Davis, Richard Dewey
Second row Left to Right: Ron Swanson, Ellen Brabham, Rick Nelson, Randy Wortman, Mike Coco, Richard Lynn, Ed Wardzala
Third Row Left to Right: Tom Ruttan, Steve Cook, Dave Nedwek, Jeff Taylor, Mike Connell, Brandon Pursinger, Erik Sorensen, Dave Seger

Cute - New Horizons Big Band led by Brad Davis

Scott's Place

Kiss of Fire

In the Mood

Mike Coco, Brandon Pursinger

Ron Swanson

Suzanne Short, manager - keyboards

Brad Davis, bandleader - trumpet

Tom Ruttan, bass

Dave Nedwek, Guitar

Mikki Steele, vocals

Erik Sorensen, drums

Ed Wardzala, drums

Rick Nelson, alto sax

Suzanne, Mikki and Richard Dewey

Randy Wortman

Steve Cook, trumpet - vocals